Dave Kalinock is the most wonderful person in the entire universe. We worked with Dave on the re-fi of our townhouse, and our experience with him was outstanding. That experience led to our desire to want to work with him on the purchase of our new home. He's gone above and beyond for us in more ways than one. He's incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, customer-oriented, was thorough in ALL of his communication, and an overall rock star. I would and will continue to HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone looking to re-finance or purchase a new home.

Courtney M.

Dave Kalinock made the experience seamless for us! The constant communication and willingness to answer questions quickly and accurately gave us confidence in the process. We appreciate the care and personal attention.

Ryan K.

Dave answered every question I had, with detail and reexplained if I called back for more information. Financials is not my strong spot, so I appreciated that he was willing to walk me through anything I wanted, until I felt like I understood it well.

Stacey C.

I originally worked with Dave Kalinock for a mortgage. Unfortunately, I was forced to use my builders mortgage person to receive the "free insentives offered." Even though I couldn't use Dave he still was willing to offer guidance and support (which my other mortgage broker wouldn't). When I wanted to refinance I immediately turned to Dave who easily got me through the process. Can't thank him enough for his knowledge, understanding and patience.

Theresa W.

Always have worked with Dave!

Jennifer W.

Anyone would be lucky to have Dave and his team on their side!!! We were very nervous to buy our first home, not anymore. I also feel like we are well informed on every step and now understand how to buy a home properly! Dave answered phone calls at all hours of the night, on vacation, while spending time with his family!!! WHO DOES THAT? He is amazing!

Samanthajo D.

Dave is so professional and actually made me feel confident applying for a home loan with MVB. He said to me to "hang back" which were words I never heard from the nightmare lender I had worked with previously. Fantastic team with MVB since everyone work collaboratively and puts in the overtime when needed as in my case. Thanks guys.

Robert G.

Questions were answered promptly with detail.

Anna S.

Dave has helped us with our last 3 loans and we can’t be happier with his service. He’s clear, attentive, and has always made this experience wonderful for us – in fact, it doesn’t even stress me out anymore because I’ve just come to expect that it will be easy!

Karen H.

Dave kept us informed every step of the way, answered questions quickly and thoroughly, and was very pleasant to work with. A great experience!

Sherie E.

Responsiveness – quickly & thoroughly answered any concerns/questions. Conservative estimates helped set our expectations and prepare our paperwork in a timely manner, keeping us ahead of schedule. Respectful in answering all inquiries, even to ‘test our budget’, while remaining forthright in replies to keep us on track.

Charlotte L.

It was great working with Dave. He was detailed, diligent, proactive, kind and patient with all my queries; and this was on top of providing the best rate in the market…can't get better!

Muhammad F.

MVB Mortgage anticipated every hiccup and already had a plan to overcome them. This made for as stress-free experience as possible. Highly recommended.

Gary L.

Dave was always extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. We moved on an extremely fast timeline and it would not have happened without Dave – thank you.